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I have begun a series of play along flute duet videos on YouTube.  It started as a COVID-era teaching tool for students since internet lag time prevents live duets in online lessons.  This project has grown beyond my own studio to connect players around the world and I couldn't be more pleased.  
The premise is simple.  I choose short pieces in the public domain.  (No copyright violations!)  With the music posted on the screen, I play each part to a metronome.  The viewer can play the missing part.  It's a learning tool that can be used by players anywhere whether they are taking lessons or not. 

I aim to post 3-4 videos per month.  Most are duets, though some are trios or quartets.  If the piece is a trio or larger, the extra parts are included in a backing track so there is only 1 missing part at a time. 
Most music is sourced through, though I have arranged a few myself.  Add the viewer and the ensemble is complete.  So, I ask you:

Won't you play a duet with me?

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Playlist of Play Along Duets

 Virtual tip jar:
April 2021: Looks like French and/or Baroque are favorites based on YouTube statistics.  Interesting.

March 2021
: Lots of Celtic uploaded, mostly using pizzicato for the duet part.  Finding a few other new ideas.

February 2021: I plan to sprinkle some new ideas into this project.  Future plans include Bologne, Celtic music, extended techniques (pizzicato!), opera, marches, and women composers.  Did you know Chopsticks was written by a 16 year old girl under a pen name?!?  I won't get to all of these this month, but I am off to a good start.

January 2021: During the holiday season (Thanksgiving through December 24), I posted 3 play along videos per week.  It was delightfully fun, but more than I can keep up with long term.  3-4 per month is a more reasonable goal.  I will consider requests provided they are in the public domain and suitable for this format.  I enjoy reading the comments from players who have found these videos useful.  January requests granted: Blavet, Quantz, Telemann, and Vivaldi.

Updated 4/8/21