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Music tells a story if you let it
Two Flutes plays duets for amusement and delight weaving poetry and story into the music and we invite you along for the ride.  Great for small, informal concerts, we are building a collection of music from both living and historic composers.  We even chose a piece to tell one of Aesop's Fables!  We'd love to design a program for you. 
Download our FLIER (pdf)

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Upcoming Performances 2022
Mar 20
Atlantic Beach Acoustic Night
Bull Memorial Park
Showcase of musicians
May 29
Music for a Church Service
Unitarian Universalist Church of Jacksonville
7405 Arlington Expwy
Music begins at 10:45am
Jun 16
Two Flutes at Westminster Woods
Private Event
Jul 18
Two Flutes at Westminster Woods
**Cancelled due to COVID**
Aug 11
Two Flutes at Westminster Woods
Private Event

June Program

Opening Fanfare: Gigue de Mr. King (Anon)


Bach Family Suite

            Rondeau (JS Bach)

            Duo No. 1 (WF Bach – 1st Mvt)

            I, VI, II (CPE Bach)

            Badinerie (JS Bach)


Le Coucou (Anon)

When the Red, Red Robin... (H Woods)

Fledgling (A McKennon original)


Concert Duo No. 1 in Em (F Kuhlau)

          Allegro con espressione


          Allegro assai


The Woman and the Doctor (Narrated)

            Story: Aesop’s Fables

            Music: Three Whimsies (K Snell)

August Program

Opening Fanfare: Bourrée (J Eccles)


Evolution of the Bourrée

     Bourrée (M Pignolet)
     Bourrée I & II (J Naudot)

     Bourrée (JS Bach)

     Tull Medley (Jethro Tull arrangement)


Air du Fat puni (F Devienne)


Sonata No. 1 in Em (J Schultze)





Story: The Bilingual Mouse

The Clock (T Kullak)

Le Festin (M Giacchino, Ratatouille)  

The Cat and the Mouse (E Bingham-Kumpf)


Peter and the Wolf (Narrated)

     Story and Music: S Prokofiev

     Arranger: A McKennon

Two Flutes June 2022
Anne McKennon is a flutist, composer, and teacher with a degree in music composition from Jacksonville University. She can be found playing anything from orchestral music to rock-n-roll and Irish jigs, tin whistle included.

Sophia Parra studies flute at Douglas Anderson School of the Arts. She has performed with District and All State Bands, the Jacksonville Symphony Youth Orchestra, and is considering a future in aerospace engineering.

Take a cue from Mother Goose.
Take a breath and let it loose.
Spin a tale or wax poetic,
'Cause music tells a story - if you let it.

- Anne McKennon 2022


Updated 8/8/22