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Anne McKennon, Composer - Printable Catalog
Mostly, I write the music I want to write.  I'm inspired by what's around me, especially nature and whimsy.  I believe in blooming where I'm planted and focusing on local musicians.  It is my sincere hope that people will buy my scores, love them, and play them.  If I'm lucky, my music will live beyond my own imagination.  While I don't chase commissions, occasionally those stars will align.  My commission fee is $25 per voice per minute.  Piano counts as 2 voices.

Current Project

Fanfare in the Weeds (est 5-7 minutes)
for Narrator and Full Orchestra (or subset thereof)
Dedicated to Dr. June Hammond whose conversations helped inspire this idea
A narrated walk through weeds commonly found in southern lawns: Frogfruit, Dandelion, Crabgrass, Clover, HOA.  (We can't forget the HOA, can we?)  Each weed is depicted in a short fanfare.  The fanfares may also be performed individually without narration to introduce a concert.  Suggestion: Choose a different fanfare to introduce each concert of the season.  At the final concert, play the entire series with narration.  This project is an evolving process - details are subject to change.
Rival (duet for flute and clarinet) is to be featured in 2 festivals summer 2024:
ICA Clarinetfest 2024 in Dublin, Ireland - July 31 at 2:15pm
NFA Flute Convention in San Antonio, TX - August 2 at 12:30pm
Both performed by Duo Elektra: Dr. Mary Matthews, Flute & Dr. Mark Cramer, Clarinet
This is my music living beyond my own imagination!
Preview Rival on YouTube
Sheet music for Rival

List of Compositions - Printable Catalog
Instrumental Chamber Music (including solos)
* Carnival Walk (9:00) - Trio/4tet in 4 mvts (3rd Edition 2020) - (Videos Below) - Sheet Music 
   1. Trio: Fl-Cl-Bsn (original)     2. Trio: Ob-Cl-Bsn     3. Trio: Picc-Fl-Alto Fl    
   4. Trio: Fl-Cl (Bb/Bass)-Sax (Alto/Bari)     5. Quartet: Fl-Ob-Cl-Bsn
* Desert Song (7-7:30) - Trumpet and Piano in 2 movements - (Video Below) - SheetMusic
* Eviction (1:00) - Live Timpani and Fixed Media - (Demo & Media Below) *FREE*
* Fairy Tales (6-7:00) Percussion Quartet in 3 movements  (Video Below) - Instrumentation - Sheet Music
* Flamingo! (5:45) - Flute Quartet (3 C Flutes, 1 Alto Flute) - Sheet Music
    Featured on album Aviary by Elizabeth Robinson - scroll to bottom for link
* Fledgling (3:00) - Duet for Piccolo and Flute (Falls House Press) - (Video Below) - Sheet Music
* Hard Place (3:45) - Duet for 2 Flutes (Falls House Press) - (Video Below) - Sheet Music
* McKennon's March (2:15) - March for 2 Fifes/Piccolos with optional Snare - (Video Below) - Sheet Music
* New Perspective (4:00) - Duet: Flute and Percussion (mba, 5 wd blocks, shaker) - (Video Below) - Sheet Music
   Also available for Soprano Saxophone and Percussion
* Papillon (Kohler arrangement) (3:50) - Quintet: Piccolo, 3 Flutes, Alto Flute - Sheet Music
* Quietude (2:25) - Piano Solo - Sheet Music
* Rival (4:00) - Duet: Flute and Clarinet - (Video Below) - Sheet Music
* Storybook Fanfare (0:45) - Fl Duet, Fl/Vc/Pno Trio, WW 4tet, Perc 4tet, Wind 5tet, Fl Choir (8pc) Storybook
* String Quartet No. 1 (3:00) - 2 Violins, Viola, Cello - (Video Below) - Sheet Music
* Theorem (5:00) - Piano Solo for Jeanne Huebner - (not available yet)
* Thunderpaws (5:00) - Solo Flute (unaccompanied) - (Video Below) - Sheet Music
* Variations (2:00) - Trumpet -or- Alto Saxophone and Piano - (Video Below) - Sheet Music
* Winter's Journey (7:30) - Quartet: Flute, Violin, Cello, and Piano - (Video Below) - Sheet Music
* Duet Arrangements: Baby Elephant Walk, The Clock, Doctor Who, Red Red Robin - Sheet Music
* Planxty Mary Ellen, Two Part Invention, 2 Fugues, Eviction, Lead the Way (Children's Recessional) *FREE*

Video Playlist - Instrumental Chamber Music
Chamber Playlist:
Carnival Walk (3)
Desert Song
Eviction (2)
Fairy Tales
Hard Place
McKennon's March
New Perspective
Storybook (Perc.)
String Quartet No. 1
Winter's Journey
Baby Elephant Walk
Planxty Mary Ellen

Large Ensemble Music (Instrumental)
* Backyard Polka & Segue Jig (4:45) - Medley for Full Orchestra - Instrumentation
   Written with community orchestras in mind - Premiere May 2024
* Brian Boru's March (5:30) - Full Orchestra - Instrumentation
   Irish Traditional arranged for Orchestra - (Score Video Below ) - Sheet Music
* Emergence (8:30) - Full Orchestra - Instrumentation
   Original piece for Orchestra - (Video Below) - Sheet Music
* Ollie the Alligator 3rd Ed. (7:45) - Narrator and Orchestra OR Concert Band Instrumentation
   Original narrated musical story - - (Score Videos Below) - Sheet Music
* Storybook Fanfare (45 seconds) - Full Orchestra - Instrumentation - Storybook
* We Wish You A Merry Christmas (1:15 Encore) - Full Orchestra - Instrumentation
   Encore arrangement for Orchestra- (Score Video Below) - Sheet Music

Video Playlist - Large Ensemble
Large Ensemble:
Brian Boru (score)
Emergence (concert)
Ollie (Orch score)
Ollie (Band score)
M Christmas (score)
Backyard (score)
Storybook (score)
Voice and Choral Music
* 3 Songs for Voice and Timpani - Med Voice (C4-F5) with 4 Pedal Timpani - (Video Below) - Sheet Music
* The Arrow and the Song (3:15) - 2-part Treble Chorus with Piano - Text: Longfellow - (Vid Below) - Sheet Music
* Children of Earth (2:30) - SATB Choir with Piano and Glockenspiel - (not available yet)
* May (3:15) -SAT Choir with Piano - Text: L. M. Alcott - (Video Below ) - Sheet Music
* Sherwood Lullaby (3:20) - Med Voice (B3-D5) and Piano - (Video Below) - Sheet Music

Video Playlist - Voice and Choral Music
Voice Playlist:
3 Songs Voice/Timp
Arrow & the Song
Sherwood Lullaby
Upside Down

                                      flute album
Aviary by Elizabeth Robinson features Flamingo! (flute quartet)
Available in digital format or physical CD
Get your copy today: Order Aviary

Ideas and Works in Progress - in no particular order
Black Velvet Elvis (W. Johnson) arrangement for SAT choir (started)
Series of fanfares for Dr. June Hammond (Fanfare in the Weeds, at top of page)
Peasants Rejoice (flute, guitar) transcribed for flute, cello, piano trio (in process)
Pieces designed for Community Orchestras
Backyard Polka & Segue Jig - Chamber Revision
Metallurgy - Brass 5tet (in process)
Zoo Album - Flute Duets (ideas dancing in my head)
Dead Trees & Tangled Roots (I don't know what this means yet)
Suite 108 (relates to a movie score)
Something creepy
More narrated musical stories
More arrangements of Ollie the Alligator
Tin Whistle duet book (in process)
Complete/revise pieces written in school (Frankenstein)

Latest Update: 6/12/24