Anne McKennon
Teaching Studio

**Every student should have a metronome.** 
The teaching studio is flexible and adult students are encouraged.  Lessons can be weekly, short term, or as needed.  My goal is to help students become as independent as possible.  We will discuss practice techniques and available resources.  Duets are an important part of my process.  They teach steadiness and listening in a way solo practice never will. 

For flute lessons, we can start with any method book(s) you own and build from there.  Each program of study will be tailored to the student's needs and goals.  This can mean band music, audition preparation, or simply music for fun.  Tin Whistle lessons have no required text, but recommendations are available.

Free Download: Flute Scales (1 Octave)
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Tin Whistle (in D)
Ages 4th grade & up - NO experience required

$35 - 1 hour (1-2 students)
$30 - 45 min
$25 - 30 min (minimum)

Introductory Tin Whistle Class
$70 - 2 hrs (6 students)
Whistles available to borrow

"Playing the tin whistle is easy.  Playing it well is not."

~ No Text Required, but these are useful ~
"The Complete Irish Tinwhistle Tunebook" by McCullough with CDs
"The Clarke Tin Whistle" by Bill Ochs with CD
"The Tin Whistle Book" by Tom Maguire
Flute Lessons
Ages middle school & up
Band music - audition prep - hobbyist

$50 - 1 hour
$37.50 - 45 min
$25 - 30 min (minimum)
Group lesson: $50 - 1 hour

Practice slow things fast to understand phrasing.
Practice fast things slow for technique & accuracy.

~ Recommendations ~
Rubank Elementary to Advanced books
Etude books: Cavally, Moyse

Trevor Wye Practice Books (all)  
"Never get one of those cheap tin whistles.  It leads to much harder drugs like pipes & flutes."  –Unknown.

Video playlist of Anne on Tin Whistle

Video playlist of Anne on Flute

Updated 83/6/19